Mojotone Classic Neck Humbucker no cover 4 conductor

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Mojotone  Classic  Neck no cover  4 conductor


Mojotone has bridged the gap between vintage and modern toned humbuckers with the extremely versatile "Classic Hot" humbucker. The all new "Classic Hot" humbucker is designed with unbalanced coils and a scattered winding pattern that enhances upper frequency overtones and response. 

Paired with our standard "Classic" neck pickup, they give you that heavier rock and blues tone without sacrificing clarity. The overwound bridge pickup hits that versatile sweet spot for delivering more authority in the lows with richer dynamics and articulation in the highs. Throw some gain on it and you will get a firm presence that cuts through with clarity and sustain for that perfect classic rock tone! 4-Conductor and vacuum potted coils. 

F-Spaced is for the bridge position only. All neck pickups are standard spaced. Choose F-Spaced for E to E string spacing wider than 2 inches at the saddles. Choose Standard spaced for anything 2 inches and under.


Price: $135.00