Lace Holy Grail White 3 pack

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Lace  Sensor Holy Grail 3 pack

Lace Holy Grail pickups, Set of 3, hum canceling, with white covers. The Lace Holy Grail™ is the ultimate hum canceling vintage toned pickup; the tone of a '54 Stratocaster® without the noise or the price tag. Conventional stacked pickups sacrifice the high and low end, but the Holy Grail's patented break-through sidewinder design retains the depth and the sparkle that is the hallmark of vintage tone. Pure Alnico 5 magnets combined with Lace technology delivers that classic tone you have been searching for.

Position: bridge

Resistance: 11.5k

Peak Frequency: 3200

Inductance: 3.2 Henries

White with Lace Sensor logo


Price: $242.00