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The 3CX10000A3  /  3CX10,000A3  /  8159  Vacuum tube is a high performance triode used in Industrial RF heating , Communications and Broadcasting applications.



Electrical specifications for the 3CX10000A3  /  8159  /  3CX10,000A3 Vacuum tube:

Filament                                                 Thoriated Tungsten mesh

Voltage                                                                         7.5 Volts

Current                                                                       100 Amps

Amplification factor                                                                 20

Plate Dissipation                                                     10,000 Watts

Grid Dissipation                                                           250 Watts

Maximum frequency for full rating CW                           160 MHz

Capacitance Grounded Cathode connection:

Input                                                                                   53 pF

Output                                                                               1.4 pF

Feedback                                                                            34 pF


Mechanical specifications for the 3CX10000A3  /  8159  /  3CX10,000A3 Vacuum tube:


Cooling                                                                       Forced Air

Base                                                                                Coaxial

Length                                                                             8.75 in.

Diameter                                                                          7.05 in.

Weight                                                                              12 lbs.


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