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The 4CX1000A  /  8168 Vacuum tube is a high current, low voltage tetrode used in audio amplifiers.


Electrical specifications for the 4CX1000A  /  8168 Vacuum tube:

Filament                                                                 Oxide Coated

Voltage                                                                            6 Volts

Current                                                                             9Amps

Plate Dissipation                                                        1,000 Watts

Grid Dissipation                                                               0 Watts

Maximum frequency for full rating CW                          110 MHz

Capacitance  Grounded Cathode connection:

Input                                                                                    81 pF

Output                                                                              11.8 pF

Feedback                                                                           .01 pF


Mechanical specifications for the 4CX1000A  /  8168 Vacuum tube:

 Cooling                                                                      Forced Air

Length                                                                              4.80 in.

Diameter                                                                          3.37 in.

Weight                                                                               27 oz.


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