Guideline for purchasing Jolida

Disclaimer:Keep in mind that Jolida tube amps use "Tubes" that get extremely HOT !Touching tubes could cause serious burns.Customers who purchase these amps must acknowledge it is their responsibility to take precautions to ensure the units are operated in a safe manner and area of the home for safety sake and kept out of reach from children and those who do not understand tubes are hot !! Jolida tube amps are High End Audio products for home use or for listening room situations.They are not to be used for: Guitar amplification, or P.A.They were designed for home stereo use. They are stereo products and not dersigned or intended for Microphones or high gain guitar signals.If you want a PA amp I suggest you try Musicians Friend,Sam Ash or Guitar Center >> Jolida amps are manufactured in China and final assembled in their US facility in Maryland Don't modify your Jolida equipment! WHY? 1.) Modifications change the sound, Jolida has established an awesome reputation for producing a great lush sound for the buck. This is because Jolida has made careful choices over many years of trial and error to establish electrical circuit designs and use certain components that produce this great "sound" for the buck. 2.) Changing the design or electrical components will alter the sound to an unknown and ruin the synergy established by years of refining the Jolida products. 3.) At the time of manufacture the mods that are done in the highest priced mods could be accomplished for less than $5.00. The reason they are not used by the Jolida factory is because that's not a sound that they want or could sell. 4.) The popular modifications articulate the units to the point that they sound like inexpensive solid state equipment. Not the lush three dimensional tube sound that Jolida is known for. The only wortwhile upgrade for a Jolida is new tubes! We have great tubes for all Jolida preamps or amps Tube Audio: Buying Audio Buying Audio Equipment Primer **FIRST AND FOREMOST Call me or even email me to discuss your requirements and needs.An experienced point of view can make the difference between a good decision and a bad one. It has been our unhappy task at times to assist customers in improving a poorly performing audio system. If you are not an experienced audiophile, Jolida would like to suggest a few guidelines in selecting the right audio equipment for your home. 1. Before you go to the store analyze what you need. Do you want the system to play music, movies or both? What room is the system going into and what are the physical constraints? Determine who will be listening and under what circumstances? What is your budget going to be? In essense, you need to have an idea of how you are going to be using the system. 2. Look and compare. Statistics report the average man, woman or child in the US listens to a minimum of 20 hours of audio and audio/video a week. Over a ten year period, that adds up to a minimum of 10,000 hours per person or 40,000 hours for a family of four. To give a reference point, a calendar year is made up of 8,700 hours. The average person will expend over a ten year period, $6,000 for cable TV or DSS and $2,400 for a connection to the internet. Given these factors, it is prudent to chose your system carefully. Go to the mass merchants to see what they have, but I would also suggest going to the speciality audio stores as well. 3. Trust your Ears. The human ear is a unique instrument that is able to discern minute sound factors. Most individuals have the ability to distinguish whether a person is happy, sad or angry through sound. Can you perceive this type of nuance in music or audio/video demonstrations? Is this a system you can listen to for hours without fatiguing your ears? Ask yourself, is the sound smooth and clear? Does it sound natural or is it muffled? In the better systems, you will not be able to tell if the sound is coming from the speakers. 4. Be careful of the myths and the sound bytes. Myths, such as, 100 watts is the right power for an amplifier or that Total Harmonic Distortion is the most important specification, or that rumble in the speaker is highly desirable are not really relevant. These types of specifications are not guarantees of good sound. Beware of the extravagant claims such as the bass is a rendition of Krackatow erupting. You might end up with a system that makes everything sound like a volcano. Be wary of the sound bytes such as "this is an all digital system." No one hears in digital, we all hear in analog (sound waves). 5. Develop Some Testing Criteria. This is setting standards by which you will judge the equipment you demonstrate. Use CD music that you are familiar with. One test criteria that I always use is playing the system at low, medium and high volume levels. Although seemingly simplistic, this is a key issue for the average individual (try playing music loud at midnight on a Wednesday night). If the system is clear at low volume levels, rich and textured at mid-levels and dynamic and smooth at loud levels, you may be looking at the system for you. 6. Obsolescence. The latest technology or the greatest features will not necessarily be the standard for the future. Obsolescence can be tempered with a system that has high quality sound. In other words, if it has a high performance sound, it will still have high performance sound five years from now. OVERSEA'S CUSTOMERS: IF you require a 220V you must specify on YOUR ORDER FORM otherwise we are not responsible for knowing your voltage requirements. THIS WOULD be a custom request for anything other than 115 V Voltage use. Returns: If at any time there is a problem that requires servicing during the warranty period Jolida will only pay for shipping if they find a problem with the unit. If the problem is with the customer's system and not with Jolida unit then the customer is responsible for freight both ways. The customer is responsible for all out of warranty repairs and the freight back and forth to JOlida for such repairs JOLIDA HOT NEWS: BEWARE OF DEALERS OFFERING 70% Discounts. There is one dealer selling JOlida models that were made for the Chinese market at 70% discount prices.IF you buy one of these units you will get NO WARRANTY FROM JOLIDA.THese were made for the Chinese home market with different components and different style faceplates. These are inferior in sound and quality compared to the US market manufactured units.The warranty offered is not from JOLIDA . Jolida USA will not honor the warranty for these models because they were made for sale in China only!!!!If it breaks you have to ship it overseas not to the US as with the US made authorized models. . MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL JOLIDA WILL NOT HONOR ANY WARRANTY FOR THESE units. You will have to pay for any repairs if you send them back to Jolida. Some Bargain !!! Dont believe me? Call Jolida at 301 953 2014 and verify for yourself. What good is a Jolida unit without the manufacturers warranty???? Answer: NO DAMN GOOD!!!! WE sell factory authorized Jolida US Models with full warranty!!!