Minimum order: $50. for domestic (lower 48 states), Foreign countries - $250 min order
Payment Methods: Credit Cards (Amex,Visa,MC,Discover) only
Price Policy: If you have any questions about the listed price please email us at info@newtube.com
 TUBES: If you fail to have your amp rebiased by a qualified tech when replacing power tubes you will void any warranty period. Tubes do require some techinical knowledge when installing as replacements, I kid you not. Failure to rebias properly by a qualified tech can also lead to transformer failure ! We would be glad to take any phone calls if you need to speak to Real person at 516-295-0390 or email us at info@newtube.com . Let us be your tube supplier.Our tubes are warranted for 30 days
Shipping Info: We most products via UPS. All Jolida units ship via Fedex or UPS Ground  We ship basically anywhere in the world but if you are located on the other side of the globe remember shipping is not free. Shipping must be paid for in advance for all sales.  
Jolida Final Sale Policy: All Jolida products and Replacement Speakers for Guitar and Transformers are "Final Sale". We do not allow for audition periods if you purchase from us it's yours period. Jolida Sales Policy : All sales are final no returns accepted. If any Jolida shipment is refused and or returned for any reason including a possible defect and no defect is found a 25% restocking fee will be imposed additionally  customer will be responsible for all shipping charges to and from the shipping point.By placing an order customer accepts these terms.

We sell only high quality products that are pre tested for quality and reliabilty. We have been doing this for 28 years. If you need a speaker or an amplifier for a weekend party then buy it at Best buy or someplace like that, we deal with serious audiophiles and musicians
Backorders: We are sorry but if you place an order and the product is out of stock your order will be voided before processing and cancelled. You must place your order again when the part is again in stock
 Jolida WARRANTY INFO: See this link for manufacturers warranty

The New Tube Co Policy for Sales of Jolida Products is as follows:
* All Sales are Final For all Jolida Products
* All Jolida units require a minimum of 48 hours for "Burn In" prior to shipping.
*Customer pays freight to Jolida for any repair.

* Customer pays restocking charge if returned for any reason other than a defect, Furthermore if no defect is found customer is responsible for a 25% restocking charge NO Exceptions!Plus shipping
* If you claim to have a defect and Jolida finds no defect you are responsible for shipping. If such a claim is grounds for you to return the unit for credit and the unit is found to be in good working order the customer is responsible for a 25% restocking Charge and all shipping charges. No Exceptions.
We offer discount prices for customers who know what they want. The benefit of buying from us is we offer great prices and quick service. This is why our policy is final sale on Jolida units. We therefore ask that you choose carefully before you make a decision to buy. We are not Home Depot where you can buy and return tools after you use them. 

Any Free Offer of shipping on Jolida products applies to Domestic US destinations only(lower 48 states only)
Jolida shipments to locations outside the lower 48 States:

This can be expensive and the search for a carrier with the best rate could take hours of painstaking quoting. As a result we use Fedex. However if you have a specific freight carrier that you are familiar with or have an account with a carrier that can pick up from the state of Maryland let us know and we will use them. In such cases these must be prepaid or shipped using your verified account # with such carrier. We are not shipping experts for overseas shipments so if you can suggest a carrier let us know. 
Jolida Amps: The customer by purchasing any Jolida or Other tube amps from us acknowledges and accepts reposibility for Safe placement and operation of tube amps. Tubes get hot and can cause serious burns to the inexperinced, unsupervised children,etc., if care and proper supervision and placement is not taken. By purchasing said tube equipment the customer waives all claims against The New Tube co. for any injuries caused by use of this equipment. or Our Tubes are guarenteed for 30 days from date of order. Broken or defective tubes must be reported within the 30 days preferably as soon as you receive them they should be inspected. Defective or damaged tubes over the 30 day period can not be returned under warranty. No exceptions.
We sell the best brands and quality available.We do not sell tubes on a "Approval or Audition" Basis.We go through great effort to offer the best,tested,burned-in, current production tubes, we only accept truly defective tubes as returns. This means if you dont like the sound its not justification for a return Audiphiles take particular note. We are not in the "free audition of tubes business"
Returns: If at any time there is a problem that requires servicing during the warranty period Jolida will only pay for shipping if they find a problem with the unit. If the problem is with the customer's system and not with Jolida unit then the customer is responsible for freight both ways OR if Jolida does not find any problem with the unit the customer is responsible for freight both ways. The customer is responsible for all out of warranty repairs and the freight back and forth to JOlida for such repairs

Our Minimum Order: READ THIS !!!!!
We ask that all customers observe a $50.00 Minimum order. EXPORT ORDER MIN: $250. This includes CANADA. WE DO NOT SHIP SPEAKERS OVERSEAS.  WE ship FEDEX only for JOlida products. We do not shop freight carriers and dont have the time.We charge you what Fedex charges us. Customer pays freight, customs, duties and local taxes. We dont have the time to ship for different carrier rates. We ship tubes by UPS only WE will not ship via USPS
We do not ship to Indonesia,IRAN,IRAQ,Philipines,Mongolia,Maylaysia,Russia or any Country that in general hates the U.S..

Any unauthorized returns will be refused.All sales are Final only credit will be issued. All returns are subject to a Minimum 25% restocking charge,or if order is under $100 a min of $25 would apply,no exceptions so choose wisely. Cancellations: If you cancel after the order is shipped and then refuse the order you will be responsible for a $25. cancellation administration fee. This will cover the cost of shipping both to and from you and the hassle of the paperwork this creates. NO EXCEPTIONS.
DO NOT SHIP RETURNS TO OUR PO BOX IT WILL BE REFUSED AND YOU WONT GET CREDIT.NO EXCEPTIONS!! The Restocking charge is strictly enforced so choose wisely. NOTE: SPEAKER SALES are always Final sale so choose wisely.

Due to the low prices we offer on speakers and the fact that some people buy speakers to test them and return them we have a FINAL SALE policy on all speakers.We do not sell speakers on a Audition Basis.No Exceptions so choose wisely. WE DO NOT SHIP SPEAKERS OVERSEAS,DONT ASK US TO ITS TOO EXPENSIVE AND WE DONT HAVE THE TIME TO GO THRU THE EXERCISE.

BACKORDERS: If by chance we run out of stock on a particular tube or item and its is backordered we will not and do not charge for the backordered item. Due to the volume of orders we do not keep backorders as active orders as such.In these instances we ask the customer to contact us as to when stock will be replenished and to reorder at that time

  Note: CUSTOMER PAYS FOR SHIPPING. Period ! There are no more free lunches either ok !!Tell us the method you want shipped and we will ship it right out. SORRY we dont have time to shop 10 different ways of shipping if we did our prices would go way up ! If you are loacted in a loaction other than the lower 48 and have an account with a particular carrier let us know and we will use them . For Donestic sales UPS GROUND is trackable, reliable and cheap
MINIMUM EXPORT ORDER: $250. Customer pays all shipping, customs fees, duties,local taxes etc.We ship freight collect by carrier of your choice or UPS or FEDEX. US mail must be prepaid. Service (NOTE: US MAIL Air Parcel Post is not TRACKABLE, EXPRESS SERVICE IS) .Sorry We do not have time to shop for different carrier rates so if you know a great rate from a carrier and want to share it with us we accept any direction from the customer to lower shipping costs.