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Jolida Home Page

This is the best place on Long Island or Queens to get any Musical Instrument Amp repaired. Scott also repairs high end audio and has a completely AWESOME line of professional Custom Home Speakers

Central Jersey Music Service:

If you are in New Jersey and need an amp repaired this is "The" place to go to. It is run by Amp Guru Dennis Kager of Ampeg and Sundown Amplifier fame to name just a few credits to his name. He can fix anything call him for an estimate

Ph 732 572 1911 Fax 732 572 1910

Guitar Sites

Rags Web site
Home page and website of seminal New York Rock Band "Rags". You can order CD's request info and find out news regarding "RAGS"


Keith Ferris Photography
Great website of Photographer Keith Ferris... check his work out!!


Duncans Tube Schematics and data sheets
All the tube data sheets you can lay your hands on !!!

Affordable and professional solutions for Web and Print!


Signal Transformer CO website, The BEST source for CLASS 2 Transformers

Signal Transformer Co
This site is for electrical design engineers and purchasing agents who need the BEST source for transformers to support their production or prototype needs.Signal supports both standard "Off the Shelf" and Custom transformer designs and offers the fastest prototype and production time for their products.Signal Transformers offers direct cross and drop in replacements for MCI,Prem, Magnatech,Parallax,EWC and 20 other companies.They give the best service and prices.SIGNAL HAS ALWAYS BEEN KNOWN AS THE BEST TRANSFORMER MANUFACTURER IN THE USA.They have been used in the following fields, Audio, Medical, Scientific,Gaming,Controls, just about everywhere you look you will find a Signal Transformer. They are the BEST at what they do !!!!!.Their custom work is excellent bookmark their site !!!!